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Why choose MyTurn?

Why choose MyTurn?

The MyTurn team is an experienced team of health professionals dedicated to providing the highest quality rehabilitation service possible, in caring, friendly and modern setting.

Our team is lead by experienced physiotherapists with many years of practical experience, Masters’ level Postgraduate qualifications, and strong professional involvement.

Physiotherapy services at MyTurn are delivered in a variety of formats, including land and water based individual and group programs.  Each client will benefit from individual assessment and targeted programs to ensure optimal outcomes.

Our services are delivered in a variety of locations to suit your needs – at our new Woolloongabba practice, or in your home, workplace or community facility.

Through our extensive experience and links with a strong network of Medical Specialists, Allied Health and Fitness Professionals, Case Workers and insurers, MyTurn can provide total rehabilitation for your condition to ensure you get the best of coordinated care.

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