Why choose us

The MyTurn Rehabilitation team takes a neuroscience-based
approach to rehabilitation

We understand the neuroscience behind your condition

Utilising best-practice at every touchpoint, we
embrace novel and engaging interventions involving
cutting-edge technology and equipment. With a
consistently patient-centred approach, we focus on
an individual’s goal-setting and choice of treatment

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We're driven by our values

All our clinicians have a level of expertise and depth of knowledge that’s underpinned by our solid founding values.

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We have a genuine desire to improve the services delivered to clients – improving quality of life and facilitating independence. Always delivering what we promise, we operate in a way that’s both open and accountable.

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We are industry-leaders who are in demand for our services across the state. With a track record of innovative service delivery, and an established internal mentorship program, MyTurn Rehabilitation as a company aims to embody and promote best practice, industry-wide.

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MyTurn Rehabilitation is a long-established neurological physiotherapy and exercise physiology rehabilitation provider with a team that has extensive experience in the field. With clinicians who combine decades of experience with research and advanced training, our staff are true experts who provide the highest quality care.

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We partner with our clients and their care-givers, other Health Professionals and the wider community, in order to deliver the very best outcomes.

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MyTurn Rehabilitation was founded on a basis of care – for clients, their families and the wider rehabilitation community. We’re committed to providing the best quality care for everyone we work with – offering positivity, hope and support, and improving quality of life in everything we do.

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We respect the independence, goals and decisions of all our clients. We’re committed to providing unbiased information, facilitating choices and respecting the dignity of our clients.

At MyTurn Rehabilitation, it's always personal

We work with clients to articulate and achieve goals.

When it comes to neurological physiotherapy, there’s no one-size-fits-all.
Instead we focus on learning about individual lifestyles and goals, before
creating a truly unique treatment program.