Stroke and other acquired brain injuries

Affecting 60,000 Australians each year, 1 in 6 people will experience a stroke. As the leading cause of
disability in Australia, stroke causes many people to experience ongoing issues that affect their daily
activities – and that’s where good medical care and rehabilitation can help.

Effective stroke rehabilitation requires teamwork and expertise

Whilst many stroke survivors are told recovery stops after three to six months, research suggests that – with the right advice and exercises – significant recovery is still possible years after the stroke.

During your initial assessment, your therapist will discuss your symptoms and difficulties, examine your function and assess your impairments. This will lead to the creation of an individualised treatment plan designed to help you reach your goals.

Common areas we can assist with include standing and walking re-training, balance and postural exercises, recovery of arm function, working on muscle strength and flexibility, muscle spasticity management, orthotic requirements and assistance with pain management.

Working closely with your occupational therapist and other team members, your sessions may be completed in the home, local gym or hydrotherapy pool. Our overall goal is to make you as independent as possible, and once your goals have been achieved, this often results in us setting you up with a long-term exercise and rehab program.

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