Spinal cord injury

Spinal cord injury

No two spinal cord injuries are the same, but physiotherapy is central to
the successful rehabilitation of all.

Highly varied treatment

Because the effects of a spinal cord injury depend on exactly where and how severely the spinal cord is damaged, the treatment plan will very much depend on the individual.

Depending on goals and the nature of the injury, treatment may cover gait and mobility training, transfer training, strength and fitness training, shoulder pain management, solutions for standing and participation in sports and recreation.

People with spinal cord injury can also periodically benefit from short courses of physiotherapy, and MyTurn Rehabilitation offers intensive physiotherapy blocks to address mobility, function and strength and fitness, as well as comprehensive home exercise programs. We can also assist with wheelchair posture and muscle-building – reducing shoulder pain with targeted exercise programs.

Our rehabilitation physiotherapists have strong links to medical teams and other healthcare professionals specialising in spinal cord injury, which is beneficial when implementing best-practice interventions such as the use of botulinum toxin injections for spasticity, or when considering new and novel treatment techniques, including the use of highly specialised orthoses for standing and weight-bearing.

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